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This year, the Pacific Institute is pleased to announce that we will be launching an English version of our website! While our educational services in schools will remain in French for the time being, this means that all our information online, including our free tools, will be offered in a bi-lingual format!


From the beginnings of the Pacific Institute, and especially throughout the ongoing pandemic, we have seen the importance of supporting children, parents, and educators in the development of social skills, conflict resolution, and emotional-behavioral mitigation. By offering our website in both English and French, we hope to expand our outreach, assisting an even greater number of youths through our tried and tested programs.


In the future, we aim to offer our programs in both French and English. This increases the accessibility and scope of our pedagogical materials. Keira Seidenberg, Executive Assistant, Communications and Philanthropy at the Pacific Institute stated that:


“I think this is a really positive initiative. As someone who grew up in an english-speaking environment, I saw a total lack of educational tools and programs for children, like those offered by the Pacific Institute. By making our website available in French and English, we will undoubtedly connect with more young people and attract a wider audience to our services.”


In the coming weeks, we will announce the official date when the Pacific Institute’s website will be available in English. If you have any concerns or comments before or after this date, please feel free to contact us!






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